Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Those who can DO, the rest of you get the fuck out of the Way!!!

So I go to work everyday and observe the people around me. Some of higher intellect, others... not so much. Every job in the plant is pretty much the same, however you always have that special moron or two who can't seem to grasp the concept. Personal feelings aside but seriously??? Why spaz when you get put on job you haven't done in a while??? I mean seriously?? A friend of mine says "Be part of the Solution and not part of the PROBLEM" If you follow this you have a very good chance of making it. You have the people who have very little problems making through a day and then you have the ones that are on the brink of drowning... I mean if it starts to rain YOU ARE DEAD!!! Why??? Why??? Why??? They could bring someone from another department and put them on damn near any job on the line and they could pick up the job.... but the people who are supposed to know these jobs are basically like uuuuhhh what??? It just annoys me that society is willing to lower the bar for those who can't keep up with the rest of society. Why should those of us who CAN, carry those who CAN'T???? Why is it that those who can get screwed and taken advantage of because we are expected to pick up the slack for those who can't??? No thank you, no reach around, no nada!!!! I guess if you want to be treated fairly in this world you have to be a fucking half wit!!!!!!!!!

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