Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Jamie

For those who don't know I am a new father to my second child. The downside is that my wife is an insomniac and she has my daughter to deal with too. I go back to work on Wednesday which means an early retirement on Tuesday night and early rise on Wednesday. I really do feel bad for her because I don't know how she is going to cope. I've taken a week off of work already and that's all she's gonna get because we just can't afford for me to take any more time off. I really hope that my daughter can drop the 'tude and be a good girl for mommy. She's gonna need it. I'm not really looking forward to going back to the mundane punching of the time clock and the inserting of the same five bolts all day but it pays the bills. Let's hope that my wife can survive until Friday afternoon when I come home and am able to tag in... Good Luck and God Speed!!!!